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California Healthy-by-Default Kids’ Meal Drinks Bill

SB 1192 is the California Healthy-by-Default Kids’ Meal Drinks bill. It makes a healthy beverage—water or milk—the default beverage for children’s combo meals instead of sugary drinks. Authored by Senator Bill Monning (SD-17) and co-sponsored by the American Heart and Stroke Association, Latino Coalition for a Healthy California, Public Health Advocates and YMCA, the bill will help make it easier for parents to provide healthy drink options to their children while eating outside the home and will help children form better eating and drinking habits that they will carry throughout their lifetimes.

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Bill Text & Current Status

Read SB 1192 text and check the current status here. (You will be taken to an external link.)

Background Information

Soda on the Menu

The National Movement to Improve Restaurant Childrens Meals

Six Down Many to Go


Fact Sheets

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Social Media

Sample messages to share with your followers to show that you support #SB1192 #KidsMealDrinks:
  • The California #HealthybyDefault #KidsMealDrinks bill #SB1192 makes a healthy beverage—water or milk—the default beverage for children’s combo meals instead of sugary drinks.
  • #SB1192 #HealthybyDefault #KidsMealDrinks to prevent extra calories: Sugary drinks are the single biggest source of calories in the diets of kids under 12, contributing 10-15 percent of their daily calories.
  • #SB1192 #HealthybyDefault to promote healthy choices: Help parents provide healthy #KidsMealDrinks options to their kids while eating outside the home.
  • #SB1192 #HealthybyDefault #KidsMealDrinks to promote healthy weight: Drinking just one sugary drink a day increases a child’s likelihood of being overweight by 55 percent.
  • #SB1192 #HealthybyDefault #KidsMealDrinks to prevent cavities: Children who frequently consumer sugary drinks are nearly twice as likely to have cavities than children who consume mostly milk or water.
  • #SB1192 #HealthybyDefault #KidsMealDrinks to make eating out healthier: More than half of food expenditures in the US are spent outside the home and children get an average of 25 percent of their calories from restaurant foods and beverages.
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